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What a year of change it has been

During this pandemic there has been such loss.  Not only the lost lives, but for those that remain, the loss of freedom to move around without restriction, the closing down of all our normal social outlets and, probably the hardest thing of all, the inability to hug our loved ones – unless we have been in a support bubble with them.

For us, as with all mammals, touch is vital for our physical, emotional and spiritual health – we miss it so much at the moment. For most of those living alone, it is something never experienced before and we have not been prepared for it.  Inspirationally, many people have overcome this tactile loss during the last year by buying a puppy. A puppy gives you not only something to cuddle but also a cast-iron excuse to go out twice a day to walk the dog!

We understand that loss is everywhere and with this loss are the emotions of loss - not only denial, anger, bargaining, depression and eventually acceptance but also sadness, loneliness and a basic underlying feeling that where we are is not a safe place to be in – that we now live in a world that is unchartered, unplanned and unknown.

But with this loss and uncertainty, there is also strength. Strength to carry on, strength to help those who suffer and strength to form a new way of living in this changing and unexpected world.

Post-COVID the scene has changed and perhaps comparing this to a garden that has been hit by a hurricane might help. The beautiful garden you know and loved has unexpectedly been ripped away but the basic structure is still there. It has changed and it will take time for the plants, trees and wildlife to return. Eventually the garden will be mature but it will be different and it might take some time to get used to that change.

Reflecting on the past year and how it has been for you can help you prepare for the new way of living that will be upon us soon. What would help you? What do you need?  Perhaps you want to embrace the new garden, or maybe you just prefer to have the old garden but in a new form.  Which ever way, with each other’s support, we can adapt and cope with this new age.

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