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About me

My name is Tina Turpin and I’m a counsellor and psychotherapist and have worked with hundreds of clients.

I am a BACP-certified counsellor, who takes an empathetic, integrative approach to helping my clients reach their potential as people.

Every one of us is different, and as such I tailor my approach to each individual client’s needs and focus closely on the client-therapist relationship. For me, respect, trust and empowerment are fundamental to this relationship.


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Personalised service

I tailor my approach to each of my clients, respecting their personal, individual needs and requirements.

Free consultation

An initial consultation allows me to introduce my service and ensure the counselling and therapy I can offer is right for you.

Free consultations

An initial consultation allows me to introduce my service and ensure the counselling and therapy I can offer is right for you.

My story

My extensive experience as a Hospital and District Nurse and Midwife motivated me to work more with people. The wisdom gained has inspired and complemented my work as a counsellor.

My previous experience includes voluntary work at the Fountain Centre, a charity providing support to cancer sufferers as well as their families and carers.

I am now established as a counsellor and psychotherapist helping clients both online and in-person at my dedicated counselling practice.

Who I work with


Individual counseling can help you deal with many personal issues in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, marriage and relationship challenges.


Couple’s counselling can help you gain new perspectives about each other, and this often leads to a more insightful relationship where you are able to talk to each other more openly.


Helping with more professional and work based issues, such as interpersonal relationship, office politics, performance anxiety and team issues.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, counselling is confidential.  Counselling is built on trust in a secure professional relationship.  I work within the BACP Ethical Framework where confidentiality is essential. There may be exceptional circumstances where I will need to break confidentiality but I will not do this without first talking to you.

I see clients on their own and I also see couples. Couple therapy could be two partners, two spouses, two family members or maybe two friends.

Each session lasts 50 minutes.

It's £70 per session for individuals or professionals and £85 for couples.

This is something that we can decide between us. Some people find short-term counselling (6 – 12) sessions helpful, whereas some wish to work in a more open-ended or long term way.

Usually it will take a number of counselling sessions before therapy starts to make a difference, although on some occasions, a single session may be enough.  We can decide together how many sessions will be needed.

My approach


I approach each of my clients as individuals, without presumption or prejudice, and tailor my approach and sessions to each of their individual needs


I am an empathetic person by nature, and I strive to provide you a safe, trusting and private space in which to grow and learn about yourself

Ethical conduct

My approach falls within the BACP Ethical Framework, meaning our sessions are secure, discreet and confidential

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Tina Turpin Counselling

Tina Turpin Counselling

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