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In today’s busy society, we all tend to multi-task and often worry about many things simultaneously. Mindfulness can help reduce the growing stress and tension of our day.

So, what is mindfulness?  Well, it is a kind of meditation, an in-the-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, experiences and environment focussing on the present moment – what is going on around you and inside you; what you're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. 

Men searching for counselling

Asking for mental health help should be simple but for many men, it just isn’t. The acceptance that counselling, therapy or talking therapy really does work is often lost by the stigma that this is something men just don’t do.

Women in general share problems in their lives with their partner, family and close friends and they also access mental health services more frequently than men. This healthy way of reaching out and accepting support means they have less worries, anxiety and depression.

Woman putting on a face mask

What a year of change it has been

During this pandemic there has been such loss.  Not only the lost lives, but for those that remain, the loss of freedom to move around without restriction, the closing down of all our normal social outlets and, probably the hardest thing of all, the inability to hug our loved ones – unless we have been in a support bubble with them.

Angry fist punching bag

Anger management

Anger is a natural response to possible threats. When you are angry, your body releases adrenaline, your heart rate and blood pressure increase, your muscles tense, your senses begin to feel more acute and your face and hands are flushed.

Anger can be useful but can also become a problem when you don't manage it in a healthy way.

Destructive Behaviour

Many people are in a relationship with a significant other grappling with some form of self-destructive behaviour. This can manifest as an eating disordersubstance abusealcohol abuse, other kinds of addictive behaviours, or acts of self-mutilation such as cutting or burning.

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